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Stop Analysis​

If you have APC technology on your vehicles, a critical tool that lets you perform deep analysis of your stop data is the Bus Stop Analysis screen.  This screen provides a wealth of information that you can filter, sort, group, summarize and chart.  Individual data elements available to you are:

  • ​Total Stops
  • Total Boardings
  • Total Alights
  • Average Boardings
  • Average Alights
  • Early Departure Count
  • Late Departure Count
  • Early Percent
  • Late Percent
  • Route Name
  • Time Point
  • Stop Name
  • Scheduled Time
  • Average Wait Time
  • Driver Name
  • Percentage of Total Stops
  • Day of Week
  • Run Name
  • Year
  • Month
  • Stop Date

Like all our analysis screens, the powerful layout manager is also included.  This allows you to define your analysis layouts by simply dragging and dropping the fields you want to the either the row, column, data or filter areas and then save the layout for you to restore at a later date or for others to use - including all the features of the chart!  This is an incredible time-saving feature and lets you quickly select from a list of saved layouts that you or anyone else has created.

Below is a sample layout showing the early and late counts and percentages along with boarding and alight counts for only the critical time points on each route.  Click the image for a closer look.

APC Analysis Screen

In the image above you will notice that early and late percentages are highlighted based on certain values.  This is easily done with the "Highlights" feature that lets you define whether highlighting is enabled, the highlight colors and the percentages:


Since this is an analysis screen, the built-in charting tool is also available which will automatically chart the data you select in the anaysis grid.  In the example below is a layout that shows the effect early and late bus departures have on total boarding counts for each run.  Click the image for a closer view.

APC Analysis Screen With Chart

The APC Stop Analysis screen also includes an interactive map that displays boarding and alighting information for each stop:

APC Analysis Map