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eXpressTransit provides two different ways to schedule drivers, vehicles and runs.  The Scheduling Rosters screen provides a block scheduling interface which gives drivers a variety of runs and work hours in a given week.  Or you can use the Scheduler screen which is a Microsoft Outlook-style interface with advanced drag and drop functionality that lets you quickly build a schedule.

Scheduling Rosters

The Scheduling Rosters screen lets you define blocks of runs that drivers are allowed to choose from and are subsequently assigned to.  Selecting the run or runs for each day of the week will automatically fill in the corresponding routes, on/off times and total time.  The on/off times can be overridden.

Scheduling Rosters Screen

The second tab on this screen is the Daily Dispatch tab and shows the schedule for all the runs for each day.  A roster block is typically created for a timespan of several months so the Daily Dispatch tab allows you to step through each day of that timespan to view the complete schedule.  This tab also shows drivers that are schedule for time-off and require a fill-in which automatically gets highlighted in yellow.  On the right-hand side is a list of drivers in seniority order that are available either all day, in the morning or in the afternoon.  Fill-ins are easily documented directly on this screen.

Daily Dispatch

The third tab on this screen is the Weekly Work Schedule tab and shows the complete weekly schedule for each driver.  This read-only list of driver schedules is a must-have feature when performing fill-ins to ensure drivers are not over-booked.  The list of drivers on this tab can be quickly sorted and filtered to find a specific driver and view their schedule for the week.

Weekly Work Schedule

Outlook-Style Scheduling

The Scheduler screen provides an interface similar to Microsoft Outlook™ and lets you view schedules by day, week, work week, month or timeline.  The Scheduler screen consists of 3 calendars that stay in sync as you navigate through dates and views to build your schedules.  There are calendars for runs, drivers and vehicles and you can easily show or hide each of them with a single-click on the toolbar.  Scheduling a driver is as easy as dragging a run from the list and dropping it on to the driver calendar.  Start and end times are automatically looked up to set the appointment start and end times and you can manually adjust them.  To assign a vehicle, again just drag a vehicle from the list and drop it on top of an existing appointment.  Below are several examples of the Scheduler in action.

Timeline View

This view shows just the driver calendar in a timeline format.  The number of drivers visible at once is adjustible to support the size of your monitor.

Scheduler Timeline View

Day View - Drivers

This view is showing the schedule for the first 7 drivers for a single day.  Drivers, runs and vehicles that are scheduled for the selected day appear in bold in their respective lists.  If a driver, run or vehicle has overlapping appointments their list entry will appear in bold red to alert you to a scheduling conflict.

Scheduler Day View of Drivers

Day View - Runs

This view shows the Runs calendar in day view.  Switching between calendars or adding/removing a calendar is virtually instantaneous as is selecting the drivers, runs or vehicle schedules you want to view.

Scheduler Day View of Runs

Day View - Runs and Vehicles

This view is showing the calendars for both runs and vehicles at the same time.  On a large monitor it's easy to show 15 to 20 schedules at the same time.

Scheduler Day View of Runs and Vehicles

Work Week View - Drivers

The image below is a work-week view of the drivers calendar with a single driver displayed (click for a larger view).

Scheduler Work Week View of Drivers

Recurring Appointments

Scheduling a driver, run or vehicle in a recurring pattern is also supported.  Simply double-click the existing appointment and click the Recurrence button to specify the pattern:

Scheduler Recurring Appointments

Scheduling Time Off

Scheduling driver time off can also be done on the Scheduler screen.  Simply double-click on a driver's schedule to create a new appointment and fill in the appropriate label value (vacation, personal time, sick time, or comp time).  Recurring appointments to span a range of dates is also supported.

Scheduler Time Off Window

An alternate way to schedule driver time-off is to use the Driver Time Off screen which provides a more concise view by year, month or any other grouping method you would like to use:

Driver Time Off Screen