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Ridership Analysis​RidershipAnalysisSmall.png

eXpressTransit offers a tremendous number of features related to data analysis and one of the key areas we focused on was ridership analysis.  With an advanced pivot grid that lets you rearrange, filter and sort your data, you can easily isolate specific areas of your ridership numbers and view them with the related charting component.  Numerical information displayed on the top-half of our analysis screens is instantly turned into stunning interactive charts on the bottom-half of the screen.  We've done all the heavy lifting for you so all you have to do is simply drag and drop fields and highlight specific data points to view them on the chart.  Performing deep analysis of your ridership data could not be any easier!

Layout Manager

Since there are basically an unlimited number of pivot grid and chart layout variations that you could design, we've added the ability to quickly save and restore layouts with an easy-to-use layout manager:


With this feature you can simply right-click on any analysis grid and re-apply any previously saved layout.  An unlimited number of layouts can be stored and later applied to the screen you are working on.


Chart Wizard

Also included with all our analysis screens is an easily accessible charting wizard that lets you alter every facet of your charts.  With this powerful tool you can quickly add annotations, modify time scales, insert range bars, alter the color scheme of the chart or switch to an entirely different chart style.  And best of all, these changes are automatically saved and restored with the layouts!

Chart Wizard

Daily Fixed-Route Ridership Analysis

The first of our 4 ridership analysis screens is the daily fixed-route analysis screen that focuses on passenger, miileage and run time information.  Fields included on this analysis screen are:

  • Average Passenger Count
  • Total Passenger Count
  • Total Mileage
  • Average Mileage
  • Run Time
  • Average Run Time
  • Vehicle
  • Driver
  • Run
  • Day of Month
  • Day of Week
  • Year
  • Month

Below is a screenshot showing the average passenger count by day of week for a specific run (07):
Daily Fixed-Route Analsysis

Detailed Fixed-Route Ridership Analysis

For fixed-route service, we provide the Detailed Fixed-Route Ridership Analysis screen that lets you perform deep analysis of your fixed-route ridership figures.  Fields available for analysis on this screen include:

  • Passenger Count
  • Fare Type
  • Driver Name
  • Vehicle
  • Run
  • Route
  • Run Time
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day of Week
  • Day of Month

Below is a screenshot where the analysis is focusing on ridership for three specific runs:

Fixed-Route Detailed Analysis

And here is the same screen with analysis on monthly fare types for the first 6 months of 2012.  As you can see, this powerful analysis tool lets you examine the exact areas and timespans that you want.

Fixed Route Analysis

Paratransit Ridership Summary

This analysis screen focuses on summary data of paratransit ridership.  Predefined summary information is used which includes the following values that can be summarized across any time span for any of your paratransit programs:

  • Total Trip Count
  • Early Pickup 1 to 5 Minutes
  • Early Pickup 6 to 10 Minutes
  • Early Pickup 11 to 15 Minutes
  • Early Pickup 16 to 20 Minutes
  • Early Pickup Over 20 Minutes
  • Late Pickup 1 to 5 Minutes
  • Late Pickup 6 to 10 Minutes
  • Late Pickup 11 to 15 Minutes
  • Late Pickup 16 to 20 Minutes
  • Late Pickup Over 20 Minutes
  • Average Pickup Time in Minutes
  • Same Day Reservation Trip Count
  • Advanced Reservation Trip Count
  • Subscription Reservation Trip Count
  • Same Day Reservation Percent
  • Advanced Reservation Percent
  • Subscription Reservation Percent
  • Number of Trips 0 to 5 Miles
  • Number of Trips 6 to 10 Miles
  • Number of Trips 11 to 15 Miles
  • Number of Trips 16 to 20 Miles
  • Number of Trips Over 20 Miles
  • Average Trip Time in Minutes
  • Average Trip Distance in Miles
  • Early Pick-Up Count
  • On-Time Pick-Up count
  • Late Pick-Up Count

Below is a sample screenshot of this data that has been formatted to include trend lines (click for a larger view):

Paratransit Ridership Summary With Trend Lines

The screenshot below shows a different view of the same paratransit summary data with the chart switched to show pie charts instead of a bar chart. With a few filters and an adjustment to the chart we are now comparing year-over-year reservation figures.

Paratransit Summary Pie Charts

Paratransit Ridership Analysis

The Paratransit Ridership Analysis screen does not include predefined summary data but instead includes raw trip counts for each of the following:

  • Patron Name
  • Day of Week
  • Average Trip Miles
  • Average Trip Length in Minutes
  • Reservation Method
  • Vehicle Number
  • On-Time Count
  • On-Time Percent
  • Personal Care Attendant (Y/N)
  • Paratransit Program
  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Month

Any or all of these fields can be arranged to summarize their values over any time span.  And like all our analysis screens, the layout manager is provided to save and restore views of your data and chart configurations.  Below is a very useful view that shows average trip time by program and year (click to see a larger view):

Paratransit Ridership Analysis