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Passenger Counting​

Still using clipboards to count passengers?  Tired of the sticker shock associated with fareboxes?  If so, eXpressTransit has the perfect solution!  Included with eXpressTransit is a tile-based interface for use on touch-screen tablets that lets drivers manually count passengers by fare type and communicate with dispatch.  Used either with or without the AVL features, passenger counting with tablets is easy and extremely affordable. 

Easy To Use

Using the tile interface of eXpressTransit could not be any easier.  Drivers simply tap their picture or name on the initial login screen, enter their unique PIN and are presented with the main screen.  All features are touch-compatible and sized for easy use.  For example, below is an image of the PIN pad in its actual size as it appears on a tablet:

Pin Pad

Once logged in, drivers can quickly get going on their run by starting a new session from the main menu:

Main Menu

After selecting their run, vehicle and entering the starting odometer and time; drivers will see the various tiles for each fare type designated for that run.  Tiles are easily customized ahead of time within the desktop version of eXpressTransit.  To record a fare count, simply tap the appropriate tile.  Tiles both flash and give an audible cue to confirm the count has been registered.

Tablet Passenger Counting

An on-screen log can be optionally shown which records all passenger counts and lets drivers 'undo' their taps.  At the end of the run, drivers record their ending odometer and the end time of the run and are taken back to the main screen.  Passenger counts recorded on each tablet are automatically loaded into eXpressTransit either through a WiFi connection with network access or through an a secure cloud database.


Ridership numbers captured by the tablets can be viewed on the Daily Ridership screen which also allows you to direct-enter ridership values if you prefer to use clipboards:

Daily Ridership Screen

Once captured, ridership data is all set for the Ridership Analysis screen.