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The Detours screen allows you to enter all the consructions projects and road closures that may affect your transit routes.  There are two tabs on this screen that include the detour details and an interactive map that lets you define the location of the construction and the detour.  Once defined, you can overlay your routes on the same map to visually see what areas of each route and the individual stops that are affected.

Detour Details

The details tab gives a broad overview of the detour including its name, start and end dates, whether the inbound or outbound portion of the route is affected and how the driver should navigate these areas, the routes that are affected by the detour and any comments.

Detours Screen

Detour Map

The detour map is a fully interactive map that lets you drag the map to view different areas, zoom in and out, display routes, display bus stops on each route, display construction zones and display detours.  Defining a construction zone or detour is as easy and clicking on the map to define the path.  Individual bus stop information can be viewed as well by simply hovering your mouse cursor over the stop icon.  All mapping features in eXpressTransit do not incur any additional fees and only require an Internet connection.

Detour Map

Modifying all aspects of the detour map is easily performed with the pop-up map features which includes exporting the map image to a file.