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Bus Stops

The Bus Stops screen in eXpressTransit provides an import feature to load bus stop information from a file created by ArcGIS™ or you can use the map-based interface that allows you to define the location of your stops and the path of each route.  To add a stop using the map, simply click the Add button followed by clicking on the map to indicate where the stop is located.  eXpressTransit automatically captures the geocoordinates of where you clicked and opens a window to let you add other information regarding the stop.  The same window is used to edit existing stops:

Add or Edit Bus Stop Screen

Map Interface

Once all the stops have been entered or imported and the path defined, markers will display on the map to visually represent each bus stop and a line is shown to clearly reflect the route's path.  The map is fully interactive with a zoom slider along the top and panning by simply dragging the map with your mouse:

Bus Stops Map

Bus Stop List

A second tab on the Bus Stops screen lists all the stops you have defined and provides quick editing of the bus stop information instead of using the Edit Bus Stop window (shown at top).  You can also use this list for direct-entry of bus stop records rather that using the map or import process as long as you know the latitutde and longitude of the stop.

Bus Stop List

Import Stop Information

​If your transit agency uses ArcGIS™, you can create a stop information file which can be imported directly into eXpressTransit.  Once the file is created, eXpressTransit will let you define the structure of the file and load its contents:

Bus Stop Import File Definition Screen