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Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL​)

The AVL features of eXpressTransit are based on touch-enabled tablets running Windows 7 or higher (8.0, 8.1, etc.) mounted in each bus.  Whether you use a cellular network or other communication system is your choice as long as an Internet connection is available to the tablet.  GPS functionality can utilize either an internal tablet GPS sensor which is typically bundled with the tablet's cellular radio or an external USB GPS device.  AVL options are set on the AVL Options screen:

AVL Options

Driver-Dispatch Communication

Since a tablet is required for AVL functionality, we've also included functionality for driver-dispatch communication.  Dispatch personnel can manually type any message they like and select the driver(s) to send the message to.  Drivers are required to use tiles that contain pre-configured messages that they simply tap in order to send the message.  An unlimited number of these message tiles can be created with the Driver Message Tile Designer:

AVL Message Tile Designer

Live AVL Map

The live AVL map is fully customizable and capable of displaying an unlimited number of currently operating runs including the run path, stop locations, driver name and current speed.  For each run you can customize its appearance on the map including route color, line style and bus marker.  Viewing the live AVL map is comfortable on any size monitor due to its intuitive pan and zoom features.  And since OpenStreet maps are used there are no additional fees incurred for the mapping service.

AVL Live Map

Historical AVL Playback

eXpressTransit also includes a Historical Run Playback screen that lets you replay past AVL runs.  This is a very handy screen when you need to verify rider complaints or check schedule adherence and allows you to quickly play back the run at normal speed, rewind, fast-forward, or simply drag the timeline slider to the exact time you are looking for.

AVL Historical Run Playback

AVL Fare History

Another great feature of eXpressTransit is the ability to view the various fare types plotted on a map.  This is useful to visually see on a map if particular fare types are being used in certain areas of the city or at certain times of the year, month or day.  If you are using the optional passenger counting features on the tablet interface which lets the driver record passenger counts by fare type, this screen lets you select any number of those fares and view them on a map.  Map markers for each fare type are fully customizable and selection of an unlimited number of fares is supported.

AVL Fare History

AVL Fare Analysis

To round out the AVL features, eXpressTransit includes yet another powerful analysis screen that lets you dig deep into your fare data.  By simply dragging and dropping the available fields to any of the three pivotable locations (row, column or data) in the analysis grid, you can easily summarize your passenger data, save the layout and restore it at a later date.  An unlimited number of these layouts can be created, saved and restored.  With the optional passenger counting features on the tablet interface which lets the driver record passenger counts by fare type, this analysis screen provides the following fields for you to filter, sort, group, summarize and chart:

  • Fare Type
  • Fare Count
  • Stop Name
  • Driver Name
  • Vehicle Name
  • Fare Date
  • Street Name
  • APC Alight Count
  • Percent of Total Fares
  • Run Name
  • Route Name
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day of Week

Below are two examples of AVL fare analysis showing the flexibility the eXpressTransit analysis screens provide.

Sample Fare Analysis Layout - Fares by Month:

AVL Fare Analysis

Sample Fare Analysis Layout - November 2013 Fare Counts

AVL Fare Analysis