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Automatic Passenger Counting (APC)APCSmall.png

If you have automatic passenger counters (APC) on any of your vehicles then you know how important effective stop analysis can be to providing the best possible service to your riders.  eXpressTransit works with virtually any APC data file to load this critical data with its easy-to-use APC File Definition screen that lets you specify the format of your APC data and other variables that are used to calculate early and late performance counters.  Once the file layout has been defined, importing APC data is as easy as a single click to scan and load the new APC files as they become available.

APC File Definition Image

Once imported, you can view the individual stop details, plot any number of them on a map, or perform deep analysis with totals, averages, and automatic charting.  Combined with the APC Bus Stop Analysis screen, these screens allow you to effectively manage your APC data and make informed decisions regarding your routes and stops.

APC Bus Stop Data

The APC Bus Stop Data screen consists of two tabs that let you view the details of every stop and a map that shows the exact location of the stop.  The details tab provides all the information related to every stop recorded by the APC system.  Click the image below to see the information available.

APC Bus Stop Data Screen

APC Data Plotting

On the second tab of the APC Bus Stop Data screen is a map that shows the location of each stop record selected in the list to the left.  Stop points are displayed with a red pin and all the scheduled stops for the route are displayed with green pins.  Hovering the mouse cursor over the red pin will display details regarding that particular APC-recorded stop and its relation to the nearest stop.

APC Bus Stop Map

Hovering your mouse over any of the green scheduled stop pins will display information for that particular stop:

Selecting multiple records is supported on this screen.  Each bus stop record selected on the left side of the screen is instantly plotted on the map to the right.  The list on the left allows you to filter, group and sort your stop records to narrow down the list.  Then simply select the records you want to view on the map to the right.  This is an excellent tool for visually seeing the location of all stops that have a common characteristic such as those stops that are early or late by a range of values, have the highest or lowest alightings or boardings have the longest wait times or are closest to areas of the city that have the highest traffic congestion.

APC Bus Stop Map