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eXpressTransit incorporates an adavanced graphics engine that allows you to select from 45 different themes/skins that directly affect the appearance of the screens with new themes being added with every major release.  Functionally, nothing is ever altered when you switch themes as it is only the appearance of the screens that changes.​  As you review the features of eXpressTransit on our website, you may notice the screenshots appear slightly different.  This is due to the theme that was in use at the time the screen capture was made.  When using eXpressTransit, switching to a different theme is quick and easy.  A link on the bottom toolbar opens a gallery (seen here) where you can click on any theme to immediately apply it.

Theme Gallery

Theme Gallery Image

The difference between the various themes range from subtle to stunning and allows you to select a theme to fit your mood, the season or simply attract attention to specific areas of the screens.  Below are several examples of the same screen in eXpressTransit shown with different themes.


Serene Theme Image

Money Twins

Money Twins Theme Image

Dark Side

Dark Side Theme Image


Christmas Theme Image


Summer Theme Image