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In addition to the ad-hoc reporting features, eXpressTransit also includes standard reports that can be run from the Reporting Library or from the individual screens.  We are continually adding reports to the library and encourage requests for new reports.  For the vast majority of reports you are allowed to select the appropriate logo to use in the report header from a graphics library that you maintain in addition to various parameters specific to the report to control filtering, sorting, custom calculations, etc. 

Reporting Library

Based on your permissions, the reporting library lists the standard reports included with eXpressTransit along with all the ad-hoc reports that have been created.  As each report is selected in the list, a sample preview is displayed on the right.  Parameters used to filter, sort or modify the style of the report you've selected appear in their own list and are saved and restored between sessions.  You can even import the parameters used by other eXpressTransit users to create an exact replica of a report they generated.

Reporting Library

Dymo label reports can be sent directly to the printer and all other reports are shown in a preview window when they are run along with a table of contents for quick navigation:

Print Preview

All reports can be searched, customized, exported or directly emailed in the following formats: