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National Transit Database (NTD) Reporting​NTDSmall.png

eXpressTransit includes a large NTD Reporting module which consists of a collection of screens used to auto-calculate many of the forms required by the NTD for both annual and monthly submission.  The layout of the forms required by the NTD have been duplicated within eXpressTransit since you are probably already familiar with them and are updated annually to reflect the updates implemented by the NTD while still maintaining backwards compatibility with prior-year submissions.  Fields that are not calculated by eXpressTransit are still provided for you to fill in and all the auto-calculated fields can be overridden.

NTD reporting can be complicated and time-consuming but eXpressTransit greatly eases that burden and works on the same principal as the NTD website by using a submission-based format.  Each NTD submission you create in eXpressTransit consists of all the records within the NTD screens created for that submission.  Submissions can be added, deleted, copied, renamed, locked and unlocked.  Like the NTD website, NTD submissions in eXpressTransit are based on a specific calendar year.  For the majority of the NTD screens you simply add a record for each combination of NTD mode and service type that your agency operates and click a button to calculate the values.  This pulls in and summarizes data entered on the other screens throughout eXpressTransit.  In a matter of minutes you can complete an entire NTD submission.  eXpressTransit even includes a built-in web browser to make transferring your finalized data from eXpressTransit into the NTD website much easier.  And the best part is you now have a local copy of all your NTD submissions at your fingertips.  And since all our help screens include a user-editable region, you can easily document how values were calculated or why they were overridden directly in eXpressTransit to aide in future year's submissions and to educate new staff members.

The NTD screens are arranged and grouped according to the NTD reporting modules and accessed with a drop-down menu for each module.  Here you can see the Basic Information drop-down is open for selecting any of the screens that comprise that module:


Since transit agencies may calculate values using different accounting methods, an NTD Options screen allows you to specify how values should be calculated on certain screens:

NTD Options Screen

Separate entry screens are also provided to list atypical and skipped service days.  This is an example of the Atypical Service Dates screen:

NTD Atypical Dates

There are currently 17 annual NTD screens and 1 monthly NTD screen included in eXpressTransit.

Annual NTD Reporting Screens

Included with the annual reporting screens are the complicated S-10 and F-40 forms, both of which easily calculate their values with a push of a button.  If you've grown weary with NTD reporting, you definitely need to take a closer look at eXpressTransit and see how it can make this time-consuming process much easier.

NTD Form S-10

NTD Form S-10

NTD Form F-40

NTD F-40 Screen

Below is a complete list of all the annual NTD reporting screens included in eXpressTransit.  Click each to view a fullscreen snapshot of each.

Monthly NTD Reporting Screen

The monthly MR-20 screen combines all 12 months of the calendar year onto a single form so you can easily compare the monthly values, track submission dates and view the values on a chart displayed on the bottom half of the screen.

NTD MR-20 Screen

NTD MR-20 Monthly Ridership Activity chart with mouse hovering over August (click for a larger view):

NTD MR-20 Chart