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eXpressTransit provides a very powerful ad-hoc reporting tool that allows you to create your own reports, publish them to the reporting library and define the permissions for which user-groups are allowed to run them.  The ad-hoc report designer also includes a wizard to get you started with the basic layout and datasource for your reports.  Reports can be designed and saved in multiple sessions before publishing them to the reporting library and you can designate other staff members who are allowed to modify the report's design.  Once published to the library it will appear as any other report and will even display parameter fields for filtering.  But don't be fooled by its simple drag-and-drop design interface, this tool has all the features required by more advanced users who wish to use their own queries, insert subreports, apply custom grouping and sorting, perform mail-merge and even behind-the-scenes scripting!

Ad-Hoc Reporting Screen

Export and Email

Like all reports in eXpressTransit, ad-hoc reports can also be exported to file or directly emailed in a variety of formats including PDF, HTML, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT or 7 different image formats. 

Datasource and Design Support

The eXpressTransit ad-hoc reporting tool also includes an amazing feature that lets you tap into the skills of the eXpressTransit support engineers.  Through it's innovative design interface you can send your ad-hoc report directly to eXpressTransit where one of our engineers can assist with its design.  When complete, it can be reloaded into the ad-hoc reporting tool for you to review and continue editing or publish to the reporting library.  Likewise, if you have a need for a different datasource other than the ones provided, simply request what information you would like to include in your report and we will gladly provide you with a new datasource that can be copied into the datasource library.  Or better yet, just request a new report for us to create for you!  We're always ready to help.