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eXpressTransit is a Microsoft Windows™ application that incorporates many design elements specifically for the purpose of making it easy to use, very powerful and visually pleasing.  One of the overriding goals when eXpressTransit was originally designed was to make your data readily available.  On the vast majority of the screens you will notice there are two areas: on the left you will see a vertical list of all the records related to that screen and on the right you will see the details of the record you select.  The benefit to this layout is that you can quickly find a record, click it and see its details on the right.  That vertical list on the left can be easily filtered, searched, sorted, resized, grouped or exported to a variety of data formats.  For example, the image below is the Drivers screen where you can clearly see all the driver records in the list on the left side of the screen and with a simple click on any one of them you will see that driver's details to the right.  You can also click any of the screenshots included in our website in order to see it in more detail, including the image below.

Drivers Overview Screen

You will also notice in the screenshot above that we've incorporated a ribbon toolbar across the top.  This lets you easily navigate to any screen or pin a shortcut for any screen to the quick-access bar located above it.  You can even minimize the ribbon bar to increase screen realestate.