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Sales & Revenue​

eXpressTransit includes three screens to track sales and revenue: Transit Revenue, Monthly Pass Sales and Farebox Revenue.

Transit Revenue

The Transit Revenue screen is an important screen used to capture revenue information for both internal agency use and for the NTD module to auto-calculate many of the values reported on the financial forms.  Due to the NTD requirements, revenue figures captured on this screen are broken out by NTD Mode and NTD Service Type within each calendar year. 

Transit Revenue Screen

The revenue line items and categories you use are all customizable on this screen and saved as line item layouts for which an unlimited number can be defined using the Layout Designer: 

Transit Revenue Layout Designer

For each record you enter on the Transit Revenue screen you can select which layout (set of lines items and categories) you want to use.  This gives you the ultimate flexibility to track revenue at any level of detail and still view category and grand total amounts.

Monthly Pass Sales

The Monthly Pass Sales screen is used to track the sales of passes at various sales outlets by year and month.  The type of passes sold are selected from a drop-down list which is customizable like all drop-down lists in eXpressTransit.

Monthly Pass Sales

Farebox Revenue

The Farebox Revenue screen allows you to manually enter the farebox revenue for any time span.  Farebox revenue is captured by any category that you define for any denomination that you also define.

Farebox Revenue Screen

The various denominations are defined using the Farebox Denominations screen: