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Grants, Capital Projects & Grant Payments​

The bulk of the financial capabilities of eXpressTransit are provided in three screens: Grants, Capital Projects and Grant Payments.  These three screens all work together to give you a complete picture of your funding sources, payments, drawdowns, milestones and share amounts.


The Grants screen is where you maintain all state, federal and local sources of funds.  It provides both a list of funded projects for each grant along with any associated payments and drawdowns.


The Grants screen lists the payments drawn from each grant on the Payments tab.  An embedded link for each payment takes you to that specific payment record on the Grant Payments screen.

Grants Payments Tab

Also included is a tab that lets you enter drawdowns related to each grant.  This tab also features the ability to directly send an email request for a drawdown.

Grants Drawdowns Tab

Capital Projects

The Capital Projects screen includes details about each project, the funding for the project and all the related milestone information.  On the details tab you can see how the payment information offers a direct link to the Grant Payments screen.

Capital Projects

The funding tab lets you define the specific details for funding each project.  Links to each grant are also provided.

Capital Projects Funding

An unlimited number of milestones can be entered on the Milestones tab:

Capital Projects Milestones

Grant Payments

The Grant Payments screen provides a vast amount of information related to the capital projects, drawdowns and the grants funding the payment.  The blue hyperlinks allow you to jump directly to specific grants or projects.

Grant Payments Screen

Capital Project Summary

eXpressTransit also includes a read-only screen that summarizes your capital projects by year and project.  This allows you to more clearly see the total costs associated with each project and the total funding needs by year.

Capital Project Summary