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eXpressTransit includes a very easy-to-use project management tool with the Projects screen.  With this screen you can easily create Gantt charts that illustrate the start and finish dates of the individual project tasks, create dependencies between tasks, assign stakeholders to each task, add Outlook-like reminders to each task for notifications and set the percent-complete status of each task.  Having a project planning tool in eXpressTransit allows anyone to review project and task statuses or setup their own projects to clearly define the tasks and expected completion dates.

Below is a project that was setup to acquire and construct a new bus wash system.  Click for a larger view.

Projects Screen Image

The Projects screen supports an unlimited number of projects and unlimited number of tasks within each project.  Zooming in and out of a project allows you to see more detail or a broader range of dates.  The image below is the same project as above but zoomed out to show more tasks.  Notice how the timeline across the top automatically adjusted from months to year and quarter:

Projects Screen Zoomed Out Image

Creating tasks and their dependencies is quick and easy and setting the details of each task is similar to creating appointments with the scheduler:

Project Task Detail Image