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Data Feed ManagerDashDataFeed.png

Of course the central focus of any dashboard is the data that goes into it.  To support setting up external key performance indicators (KPIs) and building your own dashboards, we had to devise an easy way for you to load external data into eXpressTransit.  The Data Feed Manager allows you to do just that.  An unlimited number of data feeds can be setup and typically you will setup one for each external indicator.  You can even setup several data feeds for the same indicator.  Below is a screen capture of the Data Feed Manager with the settings for loading diesel fuel prices from an Excel™ spreadsheet.  Click for a larger view.

Data Feed Screen

Setting up a new data feed or modifying an existing data feed is done with a wizard which steps you through the entire process.  Data feeds support loading data from Excel, Access, SQL Server or text files.  The unique functionality of Microsoft Access allows it to create links to tables in almost any data-store and therefore importing indicator data from virtually any data-store into eXpressTransit is supported if Access is used as the conduit. 

The last panel of the data feed wizard lets you set how often the data feed will run:


An advanced scheduling component completely automates the data-import process:


And for all data feeds that are not run manually, you can select who to notify in the event a data feed fails: