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Dashboards Overview

Many of today's software products throw in a few dashboards and tout the extensive business intelligence (BI) features they offer but what if you need a custom-designed dashboard?  Or perhaps you would like to add external data to your dashboard.  With eXpressTransit we've gone beyond including predesigned dashboards.  The extensive analysis screens provide amazing BI features already so we thought a more advanced approached should be used when it comes to incorporating dashboards.

Design Your Own

Rather than present a standard set of ​dashboards, eXpressTransit lets you design your own dashboards using data within the eXpressTransit database and external data.  With this approach there is no limit to the number of dashboards you can have, what is represented on each dashboard or the amount of data you can visualize.  This flexibility is crucial to providing a product that works for any transit agency.  Instead of the "take it or leave it" approach with a predesigned set of dashboards that probably wouldn't suit your needs anyway, we've given you the tools to easily design any dashboard you could desire.  It works with ad-hoc reporting and with eXpressTransit it works with dashboards as well.

More Than Just Dashboards

The primary focus of any dashboard is to visually represent measurable results of key performance indicators (KPI).  A KPI could be anything - the daily price of diesel over the past 5 years, the number of wheelchair denials on route 38, the daily temperature or the average ridership in December.  Now combine these KPI's together into a dashboard to see how they affect one another so you can answer questions such as:

  • Does the average temperature outside greatly impact ridership?
  • Did the monthly farebox revenue increase with the change in fare price?
  • Did moving that stop on 43rd street affect how many people now board and alight?
  • To what degree does the price of unleaded gas affect ridership?

As soon as there are KPI's defined in the sytem, we realized there were features we could add that build upon the basic features of a dashboard.  Therefore we've added a powerful alert system that notifies you whenever a KPI value moves beyond or below a certain threshold.  We let you create action items to focus on the improved performance of a specific KPI.  We've added the ability to setup critical events for impact analysis, allowing you to visualize the before and after effect on KPI's for any event you can think of.  And equally important, we let you identify stakeholders for each KPI and each action item to ensure data integrity through accountability.

Easy Secure Access

Since an unlimited number of dashboards can be designed within eXpressTransit, we've included an easy to use navigation designer that lets you arrange access to your dashboards.  And we've directly incorporated all the dashboards you create into the eXpressTransit security model that makes it easy to limit access to each dashboard by user group.

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