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Dashboard DesignDashboardDesignTablet.png

Designing dashboards with eXpressTransit is quick and easy with the eXpressTransit dashboard designer.  When adding a new dashboard, you begin with a blank canvas and a toolbox of components that can be placed onto the canvas using drag and drop.  As each component is moved over the canvas, guidelines appear indicating where the component will be positioned once it is dropped.  Once dropped, components can easily be resized, repositioned, grouped into tabs or removed.  An unlimited number of components can be placed onto the canvas and further refined depending on the type of component it is.  The current types of componenets provided for designing dashboards include:

  • ​2D and 3D Pie Charts
  • Pivot Grid With Chart
  • Web Browser
  • Ticker
  • Rich-Text
  • Images
  • Stock Chart
  • Data List
  • Gauge
  • 2D Bullet Chart
  • X-Y Composite Chart
  • Splitter
  • Separator
  • Label
  • Empty Space Item

Easy Design

In the image below you can see we have a blank canvas with a toolbox listing the components that can be dropped onto the canvas:

Blank Dashboard Canvas Image

After dropping several components onto the canvas, you can see it is still in rough-draft format: 

Dahboard Rough Draft Image

After saving the layout and assigning permissions, we can furter refine each componenet on the new dashboard.  In a matter of minutes, a complete dashboard can be designed which will consistently reflect the lates values of the KPIs it displays.

Complete Dashboard Image

Component Features

Every dashboard component used to build your dashboards includes an extensive set of features that makes it easy to build rich professional-looking dashboards.  Over 50 styles of charts and 215 styles of gauges are available to select from in an easy-to-use layout where you simply make your selections.

Gauge Style Image

Additional Dashboard Features

Every dashboard designed in eXpressTransit also includes an associated discussion board where users can share insights and observations.  And, our powerful X-Y charts can be instantly updated to a variety of time spans.  They are even compatible with touch-screen tablets.

Dashboard With Comments Image

The results are truely amazing dashboards that allow you to view your operational data in ways you never imagined.  Below are a few more examples of dashboards built directly within eXpressTransit:

Sample Dashboard

Sample Dashboard