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The Critical Events screen is used to record any event that you think may impact the value of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI).  Events are entered on this screen including its date, description and category.  Event categories are used to group similar events together such as weather-related events, political events, city events, etc.  Like all drop-down lists in eXpressTransit, the contents of the category list is maintained by whoever has the appropriate permissions. 

Critical Events Screen

Critical event records provide a unique perspective on KPIs as they are displayed on a dashboard.  For each dashboard, a list of all critical events is presented on the left with a checkbox next to each one.  Those with a checkmark next to them will be plotted on all the X-Y charts within the dashboard on the date of the event.  In the example below, we've created a simple dashboard with only a single chart showing ridership on two different routes.  As you can see, there is a checkmark next to the snow event on 12/20/2012 (highlighted in the red box) which results in a vertical blue line showing on that same date.  By plotting this critical event on the chart, we can now clearly see the reason for the extreme drop in ridership on that particular date.

Critical Events Sample Screen

With critical events easily accessible on any dashboard, you can now visually see the impact of these events on any KPI and plan accordingly the next time a similar event occurs.  Below is another example using the same chart only this time the 2012 spring break events have been turned on (highlighted in red).  Clilck the image for a larger view.

Critical Events on Dashboard Image

With critical event records, you can now see relationships between events and KPIs.  Events that you never imagined would have an impact on revenue, ridership, fuel costs or other KPIs now can be quickly visualized using eXpressTransit dashboards.