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The alert system in eXpressTransit consists of two screens that allow you to define an alert and to view alerts that have been raised.  Alerts are always tied to a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and are therefore included as part of the dashboard features in eXpressTransit. 

Alerts Setup

An alert will be triggered when its associated KPI's value either rises above a specific threshold or goes below a specific threshold.  Setting both an upper and lower threshold for an alert is supported.  One or more alert recipients must also be identified for each alert.  These recipients will be notified in the event the alert is triggered.  Notification can be done through email, with a summary list displayed at system-logon or both.

Alert Setup Screen

The Alerts screen displays alerts that have been raised and for which you are a notification recipient.  The name of the KPI the alert is associated with along with the actual and threshold values are included in addition to other information related to the KPI.  Specific alerts can be dismissed to maintain the size of the list.

Alerts Screen