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Action Items are smaller tasks as compared to projects but still worthy of being tracked and monitored.  The primary focus of any action item is a specific Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and is therefore included as part of the dashboard feature-set.  Action items can also be directly linked to a project and therefore can be thought of as a task within a larger project.  The projects you define on the Projects screen provide a large view of a project that typically takes months or years to complete.  The tasks within a project can become action items if they are specifically related to a key performance indicator.  By deriving an action item from a task within a larger project, you gain the additional features the Action Items screen provides such as automated alerts and direct links from KPIs to their action items from any dashboard.

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An added feature to each action item is that it allows anyone to be notified of its progress through the alert system.  The second tab of the Action Items screen includes alert notification features enabled through email or the Alerts screen. 

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In addition, action items can be optionally locked so updates by the person responsible for the item are restricted to just the status and comment fields.  This is done by indicating the owner or owners of an action item.  Owners have permissions to update all facets of the action item and are typically managerial level.

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