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Tired of paying an exorbitant annual maintenance fee and getting nothing in return?  Or maybe you are still using Excel spreadsheets and Access tables and are concerned how this data can be migrated and used with a transition to eXpressTransit.  With eXpressTransit we do not simply provide software and expect it to fit every transit agency in America without some level of customization.  Let's face it, your agency is unique in some ways.  At eXpressTransit we will work with you to ensure your existing data is properly migrated and we will add the features you need whether it be an entirely new set of screens or a simple report.  All this is included in your annual subscription price.   We don't view customization as a burden for our developers but as an opportunity to improve our product and earn your nod of approval.

eXpressTransit Needs Your Feature Requests

We are currently seeking to work with a transit agency that has additional in-house paratransit needs beyond what eXpressTransit currently provides.  While the features within eXpressTransit support contracted paratransit services, we realize many transit agencies provide their own paratransit services in house.  If you are concerned about whether the paratransit features in eXpressTransit will meet your level of service, please contact us.  This is a unique opportunity to have direct input into the design and development of a major new area within eXpressTransit that will facilitate in-house paratransit operations.  In return, we are offering a reduced price for our software to the agency we partner with for this development opportunity.  Please contact us if you are interested in working with eXpressTransit to have this new feature-set designed specifically with your transit agency in mind.