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The security model within eXpressTransit is very non-intrusive but still allows full control over all screens and reports.  Similar to the security used in today's operating systems, the securiy within eXpressTransit is applied to groups rather than individual users.  Users are then assigned to a specific group and thereby take on that group's security settings.  The benefit to this design is that it allows you to quickly modify permissions for an entire group of users while at the same time allowing you to add a new user without having to assign permissions for each screen and report.

User Group Permissions

With this screen you can create an unlimited number of user groups and indicate the permissions for each screen and report.  For screens, permissions are set for viewing the screen, adding records, editing records, deleting records, and altering the on-line help for the screen.  For reports, permissions are set for viewing the report and altering the on-line help for the report.  In addition, each user group can be granted permission to modify drop-down lists.  Throughout eXpressTransit there are numerous fields that allow you to select a value from a drop-down list.  Maintenance of the contents of these lists can be performed directly on each screen only if you have the proper permissions as defined by the user group you belong to.

User Group Permissions Screen

User Management

The User Management screen only lists users of the eXpressTransit software and includes their login name and the user group they belong to.

User Management Screen