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Human Resources (HR​)

eXpressTransit includes a very comprehensive yet flexible HR module that lets you define your operation's pay periods, hourly billing types and job classes.  This information is used to capture employee time card information and is then summarized on the Employee Records screen.  For timed benefits, accrual methods can be based on the number of hours worked, on specific dates or on their employment anniversary date.  eXpressTransit allows you to use these accrual methods for vacation time, personal time, comp time and sick time.  Or as an alternative, you can manually enter these hours for each employee.

Hourly Billing Types

Hourly billing types are crucial to identify the hours that need to be summarized and reported in the NTD Reporting module and are also used to define how the hours reported on each time card are used when calculating vacation time, personal time, comp time and sick time.

Hourly Billing Types

Time Cards

Time cards capture employee daily work hours used for NTD reporting and benefit calculations.  Specific hourly billing types can be excluded from totals.

Time Cards

Employee Records

The Employee Records screen lets you view the total vacation, personal, comp and sick time accrued, used and planned for any employee.  It's also where you define their hourly rates, job class, work status and employment information.

Employee Records Screen

HR Summary Screens

To summarize hours and pay, eXpressTransit includes two read-only screens that shows this information for any pay period you select.  The first is the Employee Pay by Period:

Employee by Pay Screen

And also the Employee Hours by Period:

Employee Hours by Period Screen

Planned Time Off

Within the HR module is an Outlook-style scheduling screen for maintaining employee time off.  Information entered on this screen is reflected on the Employee Records screen so you can quickly see the total time off an employee has scheduled along with specific dates and hours.  It also displays on the driver scheduling screens so you are fully aware of what days off a driver has planned before finalizing their driving schedule.

Staff Scheduler Screen