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About Us

Pentira, LLC is the parent company behind eXpressTransit, the optimal solution for fixed-route transit services that delivers user-driven intelligent transit services.  Our mission, "Simplifying Transit Solutions," is about harnessing the real potential of your transit data and unleashing its power to streamline your daily operations.

eXpressTransit was founded in DeForest, WI in 2007 with the aim of providing a flexible way to handle the massive amount of data managed by fixed-route transit agencies in an easy-to-use yet powerful central database.  Our success is measured only by the number of hours we save your agency's staff.

We've engineered new ways of transforming transit data into meaningful information that can be used for internal analysis or fulfilling the reporting requirements imposed by local, state and federal entities.

But eXpressTransit is a lot more than that.  It's about helping transit coordinators better compile NTD reports.  It's about providing bus stop analysis so you can find out why the bus is consistently late at that stop.  It's about seeing detours on a map and their impact on stops, routes and schedules.  eXpressTransit is about helping transit agencies provide the most optimal transit service to the local community.