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What's New​ in Version 2014.1NewRelease.png.1

Release Date: January 30, 2014

The first update in 2014 has officially been released with version 2014.1.1.  We continue to add features across the board but with this release, many of them focused on updated NTD forms, additional reports and roster block scheduling.  Below is the complete list of new features added in version 2014.1.1.

  • Updated NTD form S-10 for 2013 reporting.
  • Updated NTD form S-20 for 2013 reporting.
  • Updated NTD form R-20 for 2013 reporting.
  • Updated NTD form FFA-10 for 2013 reporting.
  • Modified the tablet passenger counting features to delete live AVL coordinates from the cloud database as soon as a run has been finalized.
  • Added a read-only age field to the paratransit riders screen to display rider age.
  • Added a map to the Routes screen to define the path of every route in the system.  This functionality also exists on the Bus Stops screen.
  • Created a new screen to define roster blocks for easier and more flexible scheduling.
  • Created a new screen to enter driver time off.  This functionality also exists on the calendar scheduler.
  • Added the driver and dispatcher names to the search list on the Fixed-Route Complaints and Compliments screen to benefit filtering and searching.
  • Added dispatch start and end times to the service schedule on the Runs screen.
  • Updated the Paratransit Monthly Revenue report to include individual line items in the calculation for Total Revenue.
  • Added a menu option to show or hide fare type labels when viewing the AVL Fares map.
  • Added functionality to the AVL Fare History map to set custom pin images.
  • Added permissions logic to control access to the fare type map pin images.
  • Modified the Live AVL Map to pause refreshing the list of active vehicles if the list contents are being edited.
  • Added a new Weekly Roster report.
  • Added support to enter custom names for each route used solely on the roster screen and related reports.
  • Added a new Weekly Driver Schedule report.
  • Added a new Daily Dispatch report.
  • Added a new Timeline Schedule report.